A Quick Introduction to QDA Miner and WordStat Text Analysis Software

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In this presentation, Normand Péladeau will identify the key challenges in analyzing unstructured text data. Using WordStat text analysis software, he will demonstrate how text analytics and NLP techniques can help you overcome these challenges and analyze large amounts of text data using exploratory text mining and quantitative content analysis. We will show you how to quickly and easily explore very large amounts of text data using techniques such as topic modeling, correspondence analysis, co-occurrence analysis, and others. He will also give some advice on how to build your own or use existing dictionaries for automated content analysis. In doing so, he will identify common mistakes that researchers often make, as well as the inherent limitations of these techniques, by identifying situations where these techniques may fail, as well as the optimal conditions under which they should be used.

The 45-minute session will conclude with an interactive Q&A session, allowing participants to engage directly with Normand Péladeau and gain deeper insights into text analysis.

Speaker: Normand Péladeau

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