Qualitative Analysis and Mixed Method Research with QDA Miner 2023

Tech Zone Presentations


First released in 2004, QDA Miner was originally designed as qualitative data analysis software for mixed methods researchers. Over the years, several unique computational features have been added that allow one to analyze larger amounts of text data more quickly and reliably. In this presentation, Normand Péladeau will introduce some of these features, such as the Query-by-Example, Code Similarity Search, and Cluster Coding tools. The presentation will also highlight special features for analyzing open-ended survey responses, social media, interview transcripts, and news, among other sources. Mr. Péladeau will preview some analysis features used to identify co-occurrence patterns and code sequences, make comparisons, and identify trends over time.

The 45-minute session will conclude with an interactive Q&A session.

Speaker: Normand Péladeau

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