Series Session GEOP: Geopolitics and International Relations: From ‘Living apart together’ to ‘Friends with Benefits’

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Today, more and more analysts are using the concept “geopolitics”, but they do not always clearly define it (sometimes using it merely as a synonym for “power politics”). The fields of ‘Geopolitics’ and ‘International Relations’ have been living apart for some time in various schools of thought. The new platform of the Brill book series ‘Geopolitics and International Relations’ offers opportunities to re-connect them again from an academic point of view, zooming into the importance of territorially embedded factors such as physical or human geography, location and the spatial dimension, geo-economics, geostrategy, etc. Think also of the wide-ranging geopolitical challenges that affect many dimensions of politics and diplomacy today and tomorrow (security, economy, energy, environment, technology, and foreign policy). Next to specialists in international relations, the book series is also open to contributions from scholars working in other fields, such as historians, geographers, economists, political scientists, psychologists, specialists in international law, etc.

Meet the series editor of the book series “Geopolitics and International Relations” Professor David Criekemans to discuss these issues, and your possible ideas for future book projects. 

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