An Introduction to Text Analytics Using WordStat

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In this presentation, Normand Péladeau, CEO of Provalis Research, will identify the main challenges in the analysis of unstructured text data. Using WordStat text analysis software, Mr. Péladeau will demonstrate how text analytics and NLP techniques can help you deal with those challenges and analyze large amounts of text data using exploratory text-mining and quantitative content analysis.

Mr. Péladeau will show you how you can quickly and easily explore very large amounts of text data with techniques such as topic modeling, correspondence analysis, co-occurrence analysis, among others.  He will also share some advice on how to build you own or use existing dictionaries for automated content analysis.  While doing so, he will identify common mistakes researchers often do as well as the inherent limitations of those techniques by identifying situations where those techniques may fail as well as the optimal conditions under which they should be used. 

About Provalis Research 

Developing text analysis programs for over 20 years, Provalis Research has a proven record of accomplishment in designing and bringing to market tools that have today become essential to researchers and analysis specialists worldwide. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, the company was founded in 1989. Provalis Research software products are used by more than 6,000 institutions on 5 continents, in a wide range of applications such as business intelligence, market research, political science, media analysis, survey analysis, risk and fraud detection and international crime analysis.

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