How to Face the Challenges of Shrinking Public Space?

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Civil society organisations in Latin America face various challenges, such as limited access to funding, political instability, corruption, social inequality, and restricted freedom of expression. These challenges can impede their ability to operate effectively and hinder their societal impact. The presentation, organized by Civic House, aims to ask questions and provide some potential answers to the relationship between a process of a shrinking civil space and government interest in adopting comprehensive data protection laws.

Speakers: Gastón Wright, Cecilia Galvan, Maricel Lonati and Marco Di Natale

About Civic House

Civic House is an organization that expands the civic and social uses of technology in Latin America. We coordinate and promote existing initiatives and generate our own projects focused on the civic uses of technology. We foster a professional and audacious community that works to promote transformative impact and actionable knowledge. Our research area has as its main purpose the study of different civic technology innovations from the public, private and civil society sectors, focusing on the impact of these technologies for citizenship and a plural democracy.

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