RC52 Climate Security and Planetary Politics

Session Code
Session Chairs
Prof. Steve Ratuva
Dr. Jovanie Camacho Espesor
Dr. Kristen Lyons
Dr. Dalila Gharbaoui
Dr. Anna Powles
Mr. Masaki Kataoka

RC52 examines the complex intersection between climate, security, sustainability and power. Of particular interest is how climate is framed as a human security issue, how it is used as a political capital in global geopolitics and how it has shaped and will continue to shape development policies, investment strategies, geopolitical relations and human security thinking and approaches. It will also focus on how climate security has revealed the deeper issues of economic inequality, political power disparity, resource exploitation and indigenous marginalization. It also focuses on the growing people’s movement for change and hope for global collaboration, progressive political action, collective empathy and people empowerment to save the planet and humanity.