RC30 Comparative Public Policy

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Prof. Claire Dunlop

RC30 conducts theoretically-informed comparative studies of policies and policy processes with the explicit aim of testing and refining existing models and frameworks as well as, where possible, developing new additions to the policy studies literature.

The RC research currently focuses on four areas of work:

  1. The explanation of policy evolution over time,
  2. The examination from a comparative perspective of existing general theories, models and frameworks of policy processes and outcomes from an explicitly comparative perspective,
  3. The examination from a comparative perspective of more specific models and frameworks dealing with, for example,the role(s) or key actors, discourses and structures in the policy process or the operation of specific stages or phases of policy-making activities
  4. The methodological, epistemological and other conceptual aspects pertaining to investigations and theorization of numbers 1-3 above.