LOC03 Political Theory | Teoría política

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Session Chairs
Dr. Mario Leonardo Miceli
Dr. Martín D'Alessandro

In the Political Theory session we welcome papers in any subfield of social and political theory and philosophy dealing with normative questions. These include issues of equality and justice, freedom and liberty, social recognition and identity, multiculturality and ethnicity, feminism and gender, constitutionalism and democracy, representation and participation, the environment, and also issues connected with human rights and internationalism. Furthermore, this section invites analytical contributions in the subfield of the analysis of ideologies, including traditional liberal, conservative and socialist ideologies, nationalism and separatism, the rise and development of both left and right wing populisms in contemporary politics, and also extremism and elitism. Papers in this section may address these or other relevant subjects both from a contemporary perspective and from a historical standpoint. Contributions will cover evaluative methodologies used in contemporary theoretical approaches, but also historical and interpretive methodologies dealing with the traditions of political thought.

En esta session se recibirán trabajos de cualquier subárea de la teoría política y/o social, así como de la filosofía política. Esto incluye temas y abordajes normativos sobre justicia, igualdad, libertad, identidades, etnicidad, multiculturalismo, feminismo, género, constitucionalismo, democracia, representación, medioambiente y derechos humanos. También serán bienvenidas contribuciones sobre ideologías (liberal, conservadora, socialista, nacionalista, separatista, populista, extremista, elitista, etc.) u otros temas relevantes desde enfoques contemporáneos o históricos, o incluso evaluaciones sobre cuestiones metodológicas en teoría política.