GS08 Political Economy

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Dr. Vinicius Rodrigues Vieira

Post-pandemic dynamics and growing tensions between the Euro-Atlantic bloc, formed by the United States and the European Union, and the emerging Euro-Asian sphere, which has China and Russia at its core, have triggered changes in the global political-economic arena that are likely to have lasting repercussions. In this session, we are seeking papers, panels, and roundtable proposals that address these transformations, not only from the perspective of traditional trade and finance, but also through emerging topics in political economy. This includes: the reconfiguration of global value chains; political-technological limits to addressing climate change; shifts in state–society–market relations triggered by the power of big tech; the relationship between migration and transformations in domestic political-economic institutions; the dynamic of post-globalization populism beyond advanced industrial democracies; and the return of geopolitics and its implications for governments, firms, and individuals.

While proposals may focus solely on theoretical debates, empirical evidence must be assessed through qualitative or quantitative methods. Approaches that bridge gaps across different schools of thought and/or methodological traditions are strongly encouraged, as well as unconventional comparisons between distinct cases.