GS06 Protest, Social Movements, Interest Groups

Session Code
Session Chairs
Prof. Marisa von Bülow
Dr. Germán Bidegain

This session welcomes proposals of papers and panels that study protests, social movements, and interest groups.
Our objective is to promote discussion about contemporary transformations in collective action, such as those that derive from the uses of new digital technologies and the rise of populist actors. We encourage proposals that analyse contentious and non-contentious forms of action, and the interactions between them in democratic and authoritarian contexts. We also welcome analysis that shed light on the ways in which networks of non-state and state actors mobilize to face crisis, from pandemics to climate change and economic meltdowns. We are particularly interested in contributions that promote dialogue among political theory, social movement theories, and/or the literature on interest groups.
From a methodological perspective, we welcome qualitative or quantitative analyses, as well as mixed methods analyses. We seek papers on any part of the world, be it a single-country study, cross-national analyses, or transnational approaches. We intend to organize contributions in panels with similar themes while seeking gender and regional diversity.