GS02 International Relations

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Prof. Ajin Choi
Prof. Jungkun Seo

Over the past several decades, the field of International Relations has been challenged to expand its scope and dimension. This field persistently shed a light on state boundaries, while traditional IR continued to focus on national security and economic prosperity. And yet, the world is now witnessing the problems of non-traditional issues like climate change, non-proliferation, and extreme global inequality. Populism, nationalism, and geopolitics also threaten emerging order and cooperation. The COVID-19 pandemic crisis further highlights a new dilemma; nation-states close their borders, whereas the pandemic knows no boundaries. As we increasingly need transboundary cooperation to tackle new challenges, so it seems we are increasingly met with confrontation and divisions among traditional actors. Until now, IR scholars have been working hard to identify sources of new boundaries and alternatives to old barriers. It is time to imagine new horizons when it comes to boundaries for the global community. The International Relations session at IPSA is seeking panel and paper submissions that address these old and new boundaries, as well as innovative proposals to employ multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.