Parity Democracies and Democratic Supporters

Miss Claudia Mayordomo Zapata

Parity context constitutes a new, undiscovered, and spread scenario which means we do not know so much about how parity democracies look like offering a new field for democracy and representative studies (Cotta & Russo, 2020). Taking into account that parity democracies in principle will increase the legitimacy of the system, our research question is the following: The citizens of democracies with parity representative chambers have a higher likelihood of being more democratic supporters? Using the data from the six waves of CSES and V-Dem we are going to answer this question. To control our results, we are going to study the countries members of the European Union since we assume that they have similar socio-political contexts. Finally, we argue that democracies with parity representative chambers will have better results on democratic attitudes.