The World Value Survey -7: Canada in perspective

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Canadian values are changing. Evidence from the first six waves of the World Values Survey (WVS) demonstrate that people's orientations concerning politics, religion, gender roles, work motivations, and sexual norms are changing -- along with their attitudes toward child-rearing, their tolerance of foreigners, gays and lesbians and their attitudes toward science and technology. These changes are not without consequences and result in societal-level transformations. Canada was included in the last WVS-7 and the goal of the panel is to analyze to compare cross-nationally the data on Canadian values, beliefs, and attitudes. The WVS-7 offers the possibility of comparing results among regions in Canada and with the past Canadian data sets available in the WVS. This will allow us to contribute to scientific understanding of value changes and its manifold impacts within the context of Canada. Therefore, this panel hopes to provide relevant insights about the evolution and change of values in Canada. For instance, various variables such as economic and migration values will allow us to assess how Canadians view continental integration. For stakeholders, including policymakers and the public, this will be of interest in the north American context. Furthermore, the 7th wave includes variables monitoring a set of sustainable development goals and allow policymakers to gain an understanding of Canadian public opinion on Canada's progress on sustainable development as it fits within the broader set of values, beliefs, and attitudes. Submissions are invited to researchers interested in comparing trends and changes and there effects on policy-making.


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