War, trade and development: How technology and its access have shaped International Relations

Open Panel
In Person

In the midst of a War in Europe, global imbalances have increased.
Trade has dimished, as relations among parterns have decresead, passing from a hyper-globalization to a desglobalization or deglobalized world?
How come access conditions at the begining shaped war and trade?
How come imbalances in access to technology increased biases in income?
What are the roles of technology and its onset to foster development?
What are the strategic interactions among countries and blocks to face development, on the holistic sense Amartya Sen proposed?
On this panel we discuss the role of the Noths/South divide and the role of the US, EU, Brazil, India and China on the global agenda.
Namely issues, such as climate change negotiations lingering on due to increased war and decreased trade.