The Second Asian Political Science Associations' Presidential Round-table

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Launched in 2021 at the virtual IPSA World Congress, the Presidential roundtable of Asian Political Science Associations provides a special opportunity for Asian political science communities to learn about their state of the discipline and share ideas to promote academic exchanges and cooperation as well as to discuss how to understand and address growing political tensions and conflicts in the region in light of the Congress theme of Politics in the Age of Transboundary Crises. Former and current Presidents and President-elects of Chinese Association of Political Science (TAIPEI), Japanese Political Science Association, Korean Political Science Association, and other PSAs in Asia and Oceania will take part in this roundtable and discuss both academic and practical issues facing their political science communities in the region. The Second Roundtable at the 2023 Buenos Aires WC will also discuss how to further institutionalize the Roundtable, including organizing a thematic session in 2025 at the Seoul WC.


No accepted papers currently in this panel.