Parliaments in the Pandemic – Findings from a Global Research Collaboration

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The Covid-19 pandemic has been an unparalleled global crisis with far-reaching implications all over the world. But they have varied significantly between political systems. We are interested in both the immediate and the broader effects of the pandemic on parliaments. We study how parliaments have dealt with the pandemic situation and how it has affected their roles in the political systems. 43 academic experts worldwide have contributed to PiP and investigated 33 national parliaments in established democracies, systems in transition and authoritarian regimes. Parliaments in the Pandemic (PiP) is organized by the Research Committee of Legislative Specialists (RC 08) of the International Political Science Association. More about the collaboration can be found here: The panel presents findings based on the PiP data through various of methodological approaches: They deal with organizational adjustments, digitalization, election, oversight, legislation, public engagement and representation in the Covid-crisis and also discuss what can be learned for future crises - and for the non-crisis situation.