Global Governance and Global Commons: What is the role of technology and its future?

Open Panel

Departing from the notion of Global Governance, we discuss the notions of Global Governance, from its inception (1995), its roots and evolution.
What are the main roles of technology on a Global world, curtailed by war, inflationary pressures on a post-pandemic world?
What are the roles of IOs (International organizations) and namely the role of regulation (eg. IPO regulation) on the advancement of peace and war?
How come war foster technology advance and vice-versa?
What are the limits to technological growth? Circular economies mean circular powers on a transboundary world?
What are the innovation strategies on a local scale towards a global world?
This panel which accepts virtual contributions deals essentially with the N/S divide on a global unbalanced world, and looks forward to new holistic solutions for a better world.