Forecasting European Defense: How the EU Designs Its Response to the Unrest in Its Neighborhood

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the migration crisis, and the continued tensions in the Western Balkans have increasingly threatened security on European soil. These security crises have put a lot of pressure on the European Union to formulate compelling and efficient responses—be it in the military, political or economic areas—to build an appropriate defense approach. To formulate such responses, the EU needs models and strategies to both anticipate and legitimize its actions outside of its borders. In this regard, simulations, models, wargames, narratives, and imaginaries are all means of producing knowledge within and about EU defense.

This panel aims to address how the EU designs its various military, political, and economic responses to the unrest in its neighborhood with a defensive objective, how these responses contribute to forecasting a European defense, how simulations and wargames can enhance the anticipation of EU defense policies abroad, and how narratives and imaginaries are mobilized in the legitimation of these policies. With the aim of building bridges between critical and policy-oriented academics, we welcome both analyses of current and prospective defense policies, as well as meta-analyses of what it means to anticipate in times of defense/security crises.

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