Change and Continuity of Political Values and Attitudes in Latin America

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Latin America is a region of constant political change. Two centuries of independence have witnessed wars, dictatorships, democratization, more dictatorships and more democratization. This history of political change associated with the extreme and enduring social inequality in the region creates a unique scenario for the investigation of change and continuity of political values and attitudes. As expected, works using data from the World Values Survey quite often situate Latin American countries in a long-lasting transition between opposite ends of several continuums such as authoritarianism and democracy, materialism and post-materialism or traditionalism and secularism. Are social surveys able to identify change in mass values and attitudes among Latin Americans? If they are, how are these values and attitudes changing? In which direction? For this panel, we welcome papers addressing these questions or any other aspects of the relationship between political structure and political culture in Latin America.


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