Open Panel Review Instructions

The review of paper and panel proposals submitted for the 27th IPSA World Congress is a three tier process. The open panel review is the 1st tier of review for panel proposals (2-14 November 2022). All provisionally accepted panels will be open to the call for papers. The final review of panels (with submitted paper abstracts) will be performed during the 2nd tier review (15 February - 1 March 2023).

Please familiarize yourself with the Proposal Review Timeline, the Participation Procedures for Session Chairs and all Important Dates.

Covered in this section:

Timeline for Open Panel Review

2 NOV 2022 Open panel review starts
14 NOV 2022 Deadline to review open panels
15 NOV 2022 List of open panels posted online and available to receive paper proposals
Call for papers opens

View Open Panels Submitted to your Session(s)

  1. LOG IN to your IPSA account on the Congress Website (top right corner).
  2. Once logged in, Click on MY CONGRESS to access the user menu and select the 'Panel Review' item. Screenshot
  3. Click on the blue button “Open Panel proposals in my sessions” to see and review panel proposals in your session. Screenshot
  4. A list of open  panels submitted to your session(s) will be displayed. If you are responsible for multiple sessions, they will all be listed with their respective panels below. Click a panel's title to view the proposal. Screenshot
  5. To complete the review you must attribute a review status to each panel on this list: accept provisionally, reject or invalidate.

Review Panels (attribute a review status)

  1. Click a panel's title to view in detail and attribute a review status.
  2. Please see that the panel proposal meets the submission guidelines.
    Keep in mind that panel proposals should strive for regional and gender balance and​ include younger scholars.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the panel proposal to the "Review" section.  All panels will have an "up for review" status by default. 
  4. Select the Review Status you wish to attribute to the panel proposal.

     The review options are: Screenshot

Accept Provisionally

During the 1st tier of review session chairs can accept provisionally open panels proposed to their session. Panels that are accepted provisionally will be open to submissions during the call for papers (15 November 2022 - 1 February 2023).

A final round of review will be performed from 1 to 15 March 2023.


Session chairs can reject a panel proposal, which will be moved to the 'general pool' and be reviewed by the Program Co-Chairs.

A rejection reason is required.


Invalidate a panel proposals if it is a duplicate or an erroneous submission.

View Accepted Panels in my Session(s)

Once you have reviewed and accepted (provisionally) a panel, it will appear in the Open Panels Provisionally Accepted in my Session(s).

MY CONGRESS > Panel Review> Open Panels Provisionally Accepted in my Session(s) Screenshot

Create Additional Open Panel

Once you have performed the panel review, you may choose to create additional open panels for the call for papers:

MY CONGRESS > My Proposals > Submit a Panel

Note that you must accept all the panels you submit.

Video demonstration


Open Panel Review Tutorial (Recording)

A live tutorial on the Open Panel Review Process was offered by the IPSA Secretariat on 26 October 2022. Click on the button below the view the recording:

Open Panel Review Tutorial