Aerolineas Argentinas Discount Codes

Coordinating your travel itinerary to the 27th World Congress of Political Science in Argentina? 

IPSA is pleased to offer discounted travel rates when using their exclusive official carrier Aerolineas Argentinas.
Please see details below.

Between   % Discount Family Fare (RBDs)
Brazil (CWB,POA,RIO,SAO,SSA) - Bolivia (SRZ) - Chile - Colombia  Argentina 5% Premium Economy (W,S)
5% Economy (Y,B,M,U,K,H,L,Q,T,E,N)
0% Economy (V-A-R)
Europe (Madrid - Rome) Argentina 10% Business Class (I-D-C-J)
10% Economy (Y,B,M,U,K,H,L,Q,T,E)
0% Economy (N-V-A-R)
United States (Miami - New York) Argentina 10% Premium Economy (J,C,D,I)
10% Economy (Y,B,M,U,K,H,L,Q,T,E,N)
0% Economy (V-A-R)

Note: Please note that these discount do not include taxes or fees, they only apply for the air fare.

To use the discount code, select your departure city and use code "IPS89" in the following URLs:

If you have questions regarding discount codes, please write to,ar 

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