Frequently Asked Questions


The Abstracts and the Full papers presented at the Congress will be available (in PDF format) to IPSA members in the Conference Proceedings Library on the website

IPSA does not publish a printed Book of Proceedings or a Book of Abstracts for the Congress. Including your paper in the Conference Proceedings Library does not grant IPSA any copyrights.

Please note that due to a high volume of communications, there may be a delay in responding to your e-mail. We will respond to it in the order it was received.

Feel free to contact us at the following email addresses:

For questions about Congress program or registration, email

For questions about membership, email

For general IPSA inquiries, email 

Each panel should include a chair and at least one discussant.

Each panel should include a minimum of 4 paper presentations and a maximum of 6.

A panel lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes. Depending on the number of panelists, each paper presentation should be 10 to 20 minutes long.

As of 8 March 2023 email notifications with the review status are sent to individuals who submitted a proposal for a paper or panel. Accepted panels will be posted online after this date.

You may also refer to the Review Timeline for paper and panel proposals or the Important Dates page to view key deadlines.

Yes of course! You may submit a panel proposal as the convenor or a paper proposal.

You may also act as chair or discussant on your panel. Panel convenors should ensure balanced representation in terms of region, gender and stage of career.

You may access the Official Acceptance Letter by logging into your IPSA account at as of 22 March 2023.

If you are a paper author / co-author:

If you have a role on a panel (convenor, chair, discussant, participant):

Letters of invitation are available to participants who have registered and paid in full their registration and membership fees by logging into the account at

Once the online registration is completed, click on “Registration” in ‘My Congress’ user menu to access the following three documents in PDF format (refer to the screenshot for guidance):

  • Invitation Letter
  • Official Registration Invoice
  • Official Registration Receipt

Each individual may only participate in the Congress Program once in each of the following roles: chair, co-chair, discussant, author, co-author or participant.

  • An individual may therefore appear in the program up to 6 times in a different role.
  • A participant may present up to two papers, but in two different roles, one as main author and the other one as co-author.
    (Should more than one of your proposals be accepted, only 1 will be accepted in the final program and any others rejected.  You will have the choice to choose the proposal you wish to keep or appoint your co-author as the main author.)

While you complete your online Congress registration you will have the option to indicate your interest to serve as chair and/or discussant and select the session(s) of interest.

Certification will be issued to all participants who attended their panel and fulfilled their role (paper author, paper co-author, chair, co-chair, discussant or participant). A certificate of attendance and a letter of participation will be available in electronic format (PDF) in the participant's user account [My Congress] after 20 July 2023.

Participants who have a role in the program (paper author, chair, discussant) must complete the online registration and pay the fees by 18 April 2023 if they wish to appear in the Printed Program. 10 May 2023 is the final registration deadline for all panelists.

The World Congress will take place from 15 to 19 July 2023. The preliminary schedule of panels and sessions will be available in May 2023 and will be subject to change. More information regarding the schedule will be provided to panel convenors by email.

Detailed information about the virtual portion of the World Congress will be provided in due course. Note that any virtual panels will follow the Argentine time zone (UTC -3).