How can I obtain an Invoice?

  • If you already completed the Congress registration, you may access the invoice in PDF format. In [My Congress] user menu, under 'Registration' the following documents in PDF format are available.
    • Invitation Letter
    • Official Registration Invoice
    • Official Registration Receipt
  • If you have not completed the online Congress registration form, you must create a pending registration in order to obtain an invoice.
    Please complete the online registration form and once you get to the payment method, please select Check or money order:
    • Complete the registration form
      If the fiscal information (VAT or FIN) of your institution should be on the invoice/receipt, be sure to enter it in the Institutional information section.
    • In Order information, select one of the Pay later / Get an Invoice options as the method of payment and click [Continue to review] Screenshot
      An administrative fee of 30 US$ applies for wire transfers.
    • In Review, click on [Complete Order]

Once the online form is completed, access the invoice in PDF format in [My Congress] user menu, under 'Registration'.

NOTE: Your contact information on the receipt/invoice  (name, address, institution, etc) is taken from your online profile. If the institutional information or address needs to be modified, please modify your profile.